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My Top 5 Restaurants In Charlotte

The coronavirus pandemic has nearly killed the restaurant industry, with one in every four jobs lost being in food and beverage services. (1) Now, more than ever, local restaurants in Charlotte need our support to stay …

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What Are The Benefits Of Using A Fee-Only Financial Advisor?

If you are seeking out a financial advisor, you may have done a quick Google search and found that there are different subsections of advisors based on how they are compensated. So what exactly is …

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Why I Became A Financial Advisor

Not many people can point back to their preschool years and say, “That’s when I knew what I was going to do with my life.” And while I may not have been able to communicate …

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Saving On Taxes In Retirement

When you plan for retirement and daydream about the next chapter in your life, taxes don’t always come to mind. People usually start thinking about taxes in February, and once their return is filed a …

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When Should I Retire And How Much Do I Need For A Comfortable Retirement?

One of the most common retirement questions people ask is, “When will I be ready to retire?” What many people don’t realize is that there’s a better question they should be asking, and that is, …

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