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The Top 10 Financial Mistakes I See Wells Fargo Employees Make

After years of working with Wells Fargo employees (and being married to one), I’ve seen some patterns—certain financial planning challenges that pop up time and time again. As a firm, we have grown adept at …

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3 Short-Term Goals to Help You Achieve Financial Security

When people imagine their future, some think of using their money to live their lives to the fullest. Unfortunately, others are anxious because they believe they won’t be able to afford their desired lifestyle in …

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Divorce and the Stages of Grief: 4 Tips for Healing

Chances are you never thought you would get divorced. You didn’t put on your wedding gown and say your vows with the idea that one day it would end. Maybe you dreamed of your wedding …

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Financial Planning and Investment: A Four-Step Guide

Retirement goes hand-in-hand with financial planning and investment. This is because managing and growing your money properly is key to achieving your financial goals and fulfilling your desires. Whether you prioritize exploring your interests or …

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How to Protect Your Wealth in Uncertain Times

Change is an inevitable part of life—whether we like it or not, whether we’re prepared or not, and whether we have something to lose or not. Unfortunately, most people don’t like it, aren’t prepared, and …

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