Plan Smart: Conquering 10 Common Money Traps

Where did you learn about money?

Your parents? In school? The fact is, most young adults enter the workforce with only a smattering of financial literacy pieced together from different sources, but in no way sufficient to achieving their dreams.

In our “buy now, pay later” culture, financial wisdom too often gets pushed aside in the name of instant gratification. This trap is especially easy to fall into in your twenties—and one that can have devastating long-reaching consequences. PLAN SMART is a tool to help you become savvy about your personal finances early so that you can be smart about debt, investing, real estate, and saving. This knowledge is empowering and will give you the ability to plan for and ultimately achieve your goals. 

Todd Calamita, a financial advisor, and Chris Grobelny, a real estate guru, have been friends and business partners since launching their first endeavor—a landscaping company—at the age of 10. The hard-won wisdom found in this book are the fruits of their years spent navigating the tricky waters of business, investing, and personal finance.

<strong>Todd Calamita, CFP&#174;</strong>

Todd Calamita, CFP®

Todd Calamita, CFP® is the President of Calamita Wealth Management. He is a Certified Financial Planner helping individuals and families make smart money decisions. He lives with his wife and two children in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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<strong>Chris Grobelny</strong>

Chris Grobelny

Chris Grobelny is a Vice President of Investment Real Estate at a regional bank. He specializes in commercial and residential real estate investing. He resides with his wife and three children in Cleveland, Ohio.

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