Financial Planning & Investment Management in Charlotte NC

Here at CALAMITA WEALTH MANAGEMENT in Charlotte North Carolina, we work closely with our clients building comprehensive financial plans tailored uniquely to each clients’ personal needs and goals. Throughout the planning process, we create and utilize a written personal investment policy statement to guide the investment selection, strategy and allocation. We advise our clients on retirement, investment, estate, education, insurance, and investment related tax planning in order to improve our clients’ ability to achieve a better quality of life and reach their particular financial goals.

Retirement Planning

One of the central missions for our clients is long-term financial security and independence. The goal is reached at the point where a person is financially secure enough to live at their desired retirement lifestyle without the need for employment income. We advise our clients on the steps necessary to maximize asset accumulation factoring in risk tolerance, taxes, retirement plans options, inflation, and investment options.

Investment Management

Investment planning and portfolio management are key elements in accomplishing many financial planning goals, such as saving for retirement, saving for children’s education, and the accumulation and preservation of wealth. Utilizing each client’s unique investment policy, we develop and execute asset allocation models tailored to the specific needs of our clients. Each investment policy is created to; maximize return within a particular risk tolerance level; minimize cost using low-cost index funds where suitable, mutual funds and individual fixed income securities; minimize risk through diversification; and provide cash flow needs; all with attention to each client’s time table.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is the process of accumulation, management, conservation, and transfer of wealth, obligations, and responsibilities considering legal, tax, and personal objectives. The financial component entails the fulfillment of the client’s property transfer wishes, the minimization of taxes and costs, and creating of necessary liquidity. The personal component entails preparing medical directives, guardianships, and responsibility establishments.

Education Planning

Education funding for their children is often a primary financial goal for parents. Higher education costs is one of the largest financial burdens a family will face. We assist clients in the development of education funding plans focused on maximizing asset accumulation with respect risk tolerance levels, increasing education expenses, expected college expenses, and tax laws.

Tax Planning

Although CALAMITA WEALTH MANAGEMENT does not provide tax advice and are not tax advisors, current tax law will always play a role in our investment and financial planning recommendations. Issues related to tax law such as after-tax returns and tax-related cash flow play a significant role in our advisory services.

Insurance Planning

Insurance planning has become an increasingly important concern for our clients. We provide education and guidance on our client’s insurance options as well as refer them to those insurance specialist best equipped to serve their needs.