4 Keys to Navigating the Initial Shock of Divorce

When you and your spouse make the decision to go separate ways, your entire world may feel like it’s falling apart. Divorce isn’t an easy transition, and there are many decisions you have to make, whether it’s your finances, your home, and even your children. Divorce affects everything and everyone involved, but you should know how to manage your finances on your own and ensure you get what you deserve during divorce proceedings. 

If you’re a woman experiencing divorce, you’re going through one of life’s biggest transitions. However, you’re not alone. We at Calamita Wealth Management understand your unique position. We want to help you navigate the different phases of divorce, so we work to provide the support you need and deserve as you redefine your life. In the meantime, you can restore your life using four key steps. 

How Can You Restore Order in Your Life? 

Divorce is full of uncertainty. You’re bombarded by personal questions such as where you’ll be living, how you’ll support yourself, and what you’ll walk away with. A huge part of answering these questions is accepting that some parts of your life just won’t be the same. You can’t control everything, but you can take steps to ensure you have a stable life for yourself. 

1. Identify Specific Sources of Overwhelm 

There is no doubt that divorce can be an emotional process, but try to set aside your emotions to make sound decisions. The sooner you accept that there’s a new life waiting for you, the sooner you’ll regain a feeling of control over your life. Taking control could be hiring a lawyer you can trust, speaking with a therapist, or getting advice from a certified life planner. When you have a support system, you can start rebuilding your life from the ground up. 

2. Create a Plan for Your New Life 

Although divorce can be devastating, a renewed sense of freedom can rise from the ruin. Try to separate the different areas of your life and create a plan to restore order in each. By taking a holistic approach to the initial phase of divorce, you can create a better situation throughout your transition. If you worry about maintaining your lifestyle and making a smooth transition, you should consult with an advisor who specializes in divorce and helps women transform their lives. 

3. Release What You Can’t Control

The hardest part of divorce is accepting the changes that come with it. Letting go means moving forward with your life. You can’t always control what your spouse will say in court or their lawyer’s strategy, but you can remain calm and optimistic that the judge will see your side. By maintaining a network of support with your financial planner, attorney, and even a close loved one, you can start relieving your burden with people you trust.  It’s also important to note that things may not feel great now, but you can only go up when you’re at your lowest point. 

4. Seek Balance   

While the initial stages of divorce can hit hard, there are ways to keep your balance until you’re back on solid ground. If your finances need balance, try creating an individual plan for your money. Something as simple as a spending plan can do wonders for finding balance in your financial life. It’s also wise to identify the areas in your life you want to improve, whether that be your career, where you live, or your mental and physical health. Finally, you should consult with a trusted life planner who can advise you on your unique situation. 

We Understand What You’re Going Through

You don’t have to face divorce alone. At Calamita Wealth Management, we want to become a part of your support system as you navigate life’s challenges. We have a network of trusted professionals who can help you strategize, analyze your options, and make sound decisions for your future. We can also connect you with attorneys, tax professionals, mediators, and other divorce professionals.

If you’re experiencing divorce and want to ensure you’re financially prepared, we invite you to schedule an introductory phone call using our online calendar or reach out to us at (704) 276-7325 or catherine@calamitawealth.com.

About Catherine

Catherine Dematte Burawski is a senior life planner and divorce specialist for women at Calamita Wealth Management, an independent, fee-only wealth management company. When Catherine experienced a life-changing divorce and the resulting financial disarray, she felt like her life was ruined. But through the process, she realized that what she thought was ruin was actually a defining moment. Now Catherine uses her experience and passion to help other women navigate divorce transition. With the help of the Calamita Wealth Management team’s comprehensive financial planning services, Catherine provides compassionate emotional support and the guidance necessary for a seamless and empowering divorce transition. She loves to help women see the possibilities of life and move forward with excitement and hope. 

Catherine is a Pennsylvania native who has called Lake Tahoe, CA, home for the last two decades. She and her daughter, Mia, enjoy skiing, hiking, paddle boarding, kayaking, river and lake swimming, music, dancing, boxing, and just about any adventure that comes their way (including a future trip to Italy)! To learn more about Catherine, connect with her on LinkedIn.


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