How To Maintain A Sense Of Peace & Direction In Divorce (Webinar)

A Deep Dive Into Our Financial Compass & How Women Can Use It To Navigate The Emotional & Financial Fears Of Divorce

Going through a transition like divorce turns your entire world upside down (at least for a little bit). 

In this exclusive webinar, our very own Catherine Dematte Burawski walks you through a tool you can use to maintain a sense of peace and direction as you navigate divorce. We call this tool a “financial compass,” and it’s critical to your transition through divorce because it: 

  • Gives you a map to follow as you navigate divorce
  • Allows you to see the bigger picture
  • Helps you develop a framework for the events happening in your life

We developed this financial compass internally at Calamita Wealth Management — and it’s a tool we share with all of our clients going through divorce. 

Join Catherine for this in-depth webinar now as she walks you through: 

  • An overview of the financial compass (and how it helps give you a greater sense of control through divorce)
  • How to turn this time of transition into a transformation that leads to your fullest life
  • How to restore order in your life after divorce
  • Why you should set new lifestyle goals post-divorce 
  • How to put a plan in motion to achieve these goals
  • Who we are and why we’re here for you at Calamita Wealth Management

It’s normal to feel completely alone as you journey through divorce. But we’re here to tell you that you don’t have to do it alone. We’re here to walk with you, hand-in-hand, as you pick up the financial pieces and step into this new phase of life. 

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About Catherine

Catherine Dematte Burawski is a Senior Life Planner at Calamita Wealth Management. 

She is a Pennsylvania native who has called Lake Tahoe, CA, home for the last two decades. She and her daughter, Mia, enjoy skiing, hiking, paddleboarding, kayaking, river and lake swimming, music, dancing, boxing and just about any adventure that comes their way.

Catherine has found that her passions lie in the realms of art and creative problem solving. This, combined with her genuine love and compassion for people, has stretched her career canvas in various angles, such as teaching art and education, to active assisting and managing high-end dental practices, to creating and patenting a design that launched her own fashion house.

Catherine sees the lessons and opportunity in the everyday interactions. She has been coined a “dot-connector” and has a natural affinity in assisting our clients to see the dots that connect to their life’s big picture. With this, Catherine is proud to be able to extend her talents while being true to her call for helping people as Calamita Wealth Management's Senior Life Planner.