Divorce Checklist

It’s no secret that divorce can be messy and complicated. There are times when it can be so overwhelming that you can’t even think clearly. We designed this checklist to help give you a sense of direction when you’re not sure what step to take next.

Divorce Survival Kit

Divorce can be overwhelming as you face complex questions about everything from finances to your emotional well-being. Get guidelines and tips for navigating the personal, emotional and financial hurdles of divorce.

Navigating the Emotional and Financial Fears for Women in Divorce

When you embark on the journey of divorce, you carry a heavy emotional and financial burden. It’s common to find yourself directionless as you search for answers on how to move forward. 

In this exclusive webinar, our very own Catherine Dematte Burawski — Senior Life Planner at Calamita Wealth Management — shares her personal journey through divorce and the team she built along the way to get her the answers and community needed to move forward. 

How to Maintain a Sense of Peace and Direction in Divorce

Going through a transition like divorce turns your entire world upside down (at least for a little bit). 

In this exclusive webinar, our very own Catherine Dematte Burawski walks you through a tool you can use to maintain a sense of peace and direction as you navigate divorce.

Why I'm a Life Planner and How I Help Clients at Calamita Wealth Management

Life is full of unexpected twists and turns, some good, some bad—but we can learn from them all. In my case, an unexpected, messy, and life-changing divorce rocked my world but also ignited a new passion in me to help others who are walking through similar situations. I turned my story around, and now I want to help other women turn their darkest moments into a bright new future too. 

4 Keys to Navigating the Initial Shock of Divorce

Divorce is full of uncertainty. You’re bombarded by personal questions such as where you’ll be living, how you’ll support yourself, and what you’ll walk away with. A huge part of answering these questions is accepting that some parts of your life just won’t be the same. You can’t control everything, but you can take steps to ensure you have a stable life for yourself.

Post Divorce Financial Checklist

If you’ve recently gone through a divorce, make sure all your bases are covered with this post divorce financial checklist. 

Are Kids Gonna Be Ok

Going through a divorce is hard on everyone, especially the kids. Learn more about how kids cope with divorce and how to help them with this video.


In this exclusive webinar, the host Catherine Dematte Burawski  went through a paralyzing experience understanding her income, cashflow and assets when she went through her own divorce and walks you through how to make emotional sense of the numbers.

You & Your Ex-Spouse Might Never See Eye to Eye (and that's Okay)

etween the loss of a relationship you never thought would end and the endless decisions you have to make about finances and parenting, there’s not much left to give when trying to see eye to eye with your ex.

Common Divorce Questions

If you’re considering divorce, here are 6 common divorce questions you should ask to make sure you are getting the most out of your attorney-client relationship. 

Rebuilding After Divorce

Watch this video to learn how to rebuild after a divorce in a way that can be uplifting and empowering, rather than devastating and degrading.


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Divorce Settlement Mistakes We See

Divorce is hard enough, but these 5 common divorce settlement mistakes can make it even harder. Here’s what you can do to avoid these common mistakes and be on your way to a brighter future. 1.) Failing to Budget for All Lifestyle Expenses (Worst Divorce Settlement Mistake) The biggest divorce …

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Financial Planning Mid-Divorce: A Case Study

No one says “I do” with the expectation that one day they’ll be signing divorce papers. Regardless of how it happens, it can be shocking for any woman to experience the transition into becoming suddenly single. And for many women, divorce or widowhood presents many challenges, both emotionally and financially. …

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Divorce Transition – What We Do & How We Can Help

A friend told me a few months ago that listening and loving are on the same vibration level. And I immediately understood what she meant. Think about it for a minute. How often can we say we are truly heard in a day? How often do you feel understood, and what does …

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Divorce and the Stages of Grief: 4 Tips for Healing

Chances are you never thought you would get divorced. You didn’t put on your wedding gown and say your vows with the idea that one day it would end. Maybe you dreamed of your wedding day since you were just a little girl and now that it’s over, you feel …

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Managing Credit Post-Divorce: A Basic Guide

Going through a divorce can be one of the most difficult experiences anyone will undergo during their lifetime. With the complexities that are deeply sown into the legal separation process, seeking freedom from a union that doesn’t work is easier said than done. Whether the process takes a few months …

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Financial Planning Post-Divorce: A Case Study

Marriage doesn’t begin with thoughts of divorce. But it’s become an unfortunate reality for many of our clients. Not only does it disrupt the family unit, but it also wreaks havoc on financial goals and savings that may have taken decades to build. It’s a sad fact that women over …

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Why Women Need Financial Advisors When They Get Divorced

Divorce can be a pretty daunting and stressful experience. And while things are difficult for all parties involved, women are subjected to a slew of different challenges that make it difficult to pick up the pieces and start anew. This is why it’s especially concerning that 95% of women do not utilize …

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Our Guide to Staying Financially Sane During a Divorce

Going through a divorce will be challenging no matter what kind of relationship you have with your ex-partner. Divorce is just all-around unpleasant—every step of the process consumes so much energy, time, money, and emotions.  Going through a divorce will bring such a significant change in your life, whether for …

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Financial Empowerment: How to Improve Your Finances After Divorce

Any major event in your life can result in financial changes that you need to work on. When it comes to dealing with divorce, you’re not only dealing with emotional stress, but your finances may experience some fluctuations as well.  Divorce won’t only take a toll on your expendable income; …